Just a small town girl(boy) living in a lonely world~! Jk, sorry journey for totally slaughtering your song. Anyways 🙂 I’ve been a shadow in the blogs community for a long time and after reading all the fun(and many inspiring) ladies’ and much fewer gents’ blogs I decided I really wanted to start my own lovechild online. Some background~ I’m currently a marketing business student living in NYC… ok ok I’m residing in Queens but that still counts right? HAH. Back in highschool I was plagued by a little gem know as anorexia. Struggling with personal identity issues, I felt that I had to deprive myself in order to enjoy anything in life. Beauty and strength alas does not stem from self-deprivation.

Graduating~ with a degree in deprivation

College ambitions then brought me to the city of dreams, New York. Just as Alicia Keys once sang, these streets WILL make you feel brand new, and they did. Meeting great people and discovering what I truly wanted in life made me realize that simple balance is all you need to enjoy life to the fullest. One year later and were still here and living it up… as best as you can on a student budget of course 😉

This is HK but you get the picture!

With a strict belief in sound body sound mind(not vanity = sanity mind you) I am currently a triathlete in training, collegiate cheerleader, and a sporatic yogi. I practice the log on a sofa pose often =P

Not just pom pom girls~ I'm hidden lol

Anyways, hope you all enjoy! Love yourself then love others and the world will be a better place.


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